A Global Perspective in Mind

Sustainability is part of Engtex’s corporate strategy, and our belief is that the companies that seriously integrate sustainability into their operations have a competitive advantage today and in the future. Our ambition is to be competitive in the markets where our customers operates and contribute to a sustainable future for this and coming generations.

UNDP – Collective goals for a global future

Our manufacturing process is especially adapted for working with synthetic filament yarns such as polyester, polyamide, polyethylene, glass, aramid and other high-performance fibers.
We work exclusively with knitted textiles as we recognize them to provide superior quality and performance. We create textiles with the characteristics and specifications we want using a number of different treatments.


Good Health and Well-being

Engtex contributes by having a very good working environment that is constantly monitored and revised. The working place and conditions are set up for all employees to feel good and not to be exposed to risks at their workplace. The company also offers free health screening for all employees in the workplace and pays for gym membership, or similar, to promote good health.


Quality Education

All employees have the opportunity, regardless of age and gender, to raise their level of education and skills. This is done through both external education and internal training, which results in an increased level of competence and favors the growth of both people and business.


Gender Equality

Engtex contributes to having a diverse organization when it comes to age, gender and ethnicity. This is a parameter that is considered when hiring new employees. Regular gender equality surveys are carried out by the company to follow up on how the workplace is doing on these issues and how to act with potential problems. We have both men and women as representatives in the company´s management team and board. Engtex supports equal pay for equal work.


Clean Water and Sanitation

Engtex contributes to clean water and sanitation in that our operations do not use water in the production process and thus have no emissions or pollution to the surrounding recipients.


Decent Work and Economic Growth

Engtex follows the Swedish labor legislations which includes “Work Environmental Act”, “Work Hours Act”, “Prohibition of Discrimination Act” etc. Engtex also cooperates with the unions and fulfills their requirements. Our goal is sustainable economic growth to ensure a stable business, further innovations and investments in both machines and employees.

Swedish statues in translation – labor legislation


Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Engtex business model is to manufacture technical textiles that are based on innovation. Here Engtex has decades of experience and expertise that contributes to new innovations and product developments.


Responsible Consumption and Production

Striving to optimize the business’s resource management has an effect in all its environmental aspects and is one of the most important sustainability issues in the business. We work with continuous monitoring and key figures are created so that we can follow up and see the effects of improvements made and plan future actions.

“A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people. ”
– Unknown